Internet of Things everything you need to know.

Internet of Things everything you need to know.

Internet of things everything you need to know

Internet of things or simply IoT are devices that are available around us to make our lives better. From an ATM machine to mobile phones these all are IoT devices but what Internet of thing actually is? This article has everything about the Internet of Things everything you need to know.

IoTS are devices connected to the internet that helps you to get things done. It can be any device which has an internet connection with on/off switch. These devices are accessible generally through the internet. It has IoTs are connected to each other on a giant network. Let us take an example to understand better a Fitness Band measures your activities and calories you have burnt throughout a day and sends this information to your phone which is displayed on an app specifically made for that band. These fitness band and phone are IoT devices that sends and receives information.

Let us get started.

Internet of Things everything you need to know

IoT has four components-
1- Devices/Sensors.
2- Connectivity.
3- Data processing.
4- User interface.

Let us understand each of them separately.


This may be a fitness band or a phone or a tablet the first component is a device or in some cases only a sensor. This device or sensor is used to collect information. Calories burnt in case of Fitness band can be viewed as an example.


A device or sensor is required to connect through any means in order to send data. This connection can be Bluetooth,WiFi, Satellite, LAN or direct connection to the internet.

These connection help the data to reach the cloud for taking further actions.

Data Processing

After reaching to the cloud the data is then processed to the Application or software. and then we can get our data displayed on a screen. Such as Fitness band’s mobile app showing you your status.

Form this step you get to know the functioning of the device.

User Interface

This is the final stage. This is made for the end user. As mentioned above let us take that example of that fitness app you get notification via a message or mail about your time to work out or you have reached your daily limit are the example of the user interface.

The user can further interact with the app to browse other functions.

So this was the “Internet of Things everything you need to know” briefly. Hope this article helped you to understand the concept.



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