Google I/O 2k18. What is announced and what is yet to be?

Google I/O 2k18. What is announced and what is yet to be?

Google i/o 2018

Google I/O is an event that Google conducts every year. It is an annual developer conference (now they call it Festival). This year too they are coming up with some mind-blowing innovations and developments. Generally, they use this stage to showcase their developments for Google, API, Android Chrome, Chrome OS in the presence of the company CEO Sundar Pichai.I/O stands for input-output.This event takes place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mount View, California.

The Google I/O event is live and many announcements have been made and many are yet to be made.

Here are the Google I/O announcements that are already made.

Google assistant can talk on phone with people.

See these images for example. These images are screenshots of the conversation between google assistant booking a meeting of a hair salon. The person on another side of the phone has no idea that he is talking to an AI.

google i/0 2018google i/0 2018

google i/0 2018



Google lens Expansion.

Now you directly copy text with the help of your camera. The update was at first available for pixel but now Google has confirmed that it will soon be available for other android devices too.

New Voice assistant voice

Google decided to add new voices including John Legend’s voice.

Gmail Smart Composer Feature.

Now you can compose emails more easily with the smart mail composer. Extending your support to smart replies.

What to expect?

Introduction of new features of Android P and of course the full form of P.

Maybe the name of some hint of next Android version after P.

Rumours are that Google can launch its Android Tv with Chromecast support.

Wear Os could get improved.

Google is working a lot on its AI so maybe some more AI tech can be seen.

They are live streaming their event on Youtube.Click Play button to watch.


For more information about the Event you can visit  Google.