Aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or generally AI is the topic everyone is talking about these days. So we thought why shouldn’t we write an article about it to help our readers understand it more clearly. What is AI? What are the Aspects of Artificial Intelligence? Why is it in so hype? What does it do? let us find out answers to these questions below.

It was First researched by John Mccarthy in 1955. It is an attempt to make machines think and analyse data like humans and in some ways, we have reached that limit and next target is to get make it more powerful. AI is a machine used to develop sense. Unlike natural intelligence present in humans, artificial intelligence is the intelligence present in machines that help them to understand things themselves with the help of technology. Recently a lot of researches have been done to make AI even stronger. Some examples are:- You may have heard of Phones cameras that are having AI or Google Duplex can be taken as a great example and Sophia the AI robot which is very close to fiction.

The Aspects of Artificial Intelligence-

1- Simulating higher functions of the human brain.

2- Programming a computer to use general language.

3- Arranging hypothetical neurons in a manner so that they can form concepts.

4- A way to measure problem complexity.

5- Self-improvement.

6- Randomness and creativity.

7- Abstraction Defined as the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.

Let us get deep into it and understand its types.

It is of four types:-

Reactive Machines

This is the most basic type of AI in which AI can react to a particular situation. It does not have any memory of what happened in past and it does not create any concept of its past.

Example – IBM’s Chess AI(Deep Blue).

Limited Memory

Self-Driving cars are the best example of it. These cars are preprogrammed with limited memory to help machine in recognising traffic signs, lanes etc. These cars have limited memory to help them in processing and taking action against a situation.

Theory Of Mind

Machines in the future will be more advanced they will behave like humans and can respond to how a person is treating it.

It is a very deep concept.


This is the last stage of AI development.In this stage, the machine is self-aware of what its made of and can have feeling and emotions. This is an extension of Theory of mind.