About Us

Why the word Feeded?

Well, Feeded is nothing but a common mistake. It is the wrong past form of the word Feed.

This word gets stuck in mind and you just can’t forget it easily thus helps you, readers, to quickly access the website by typing the URL Feeded.info.

Our Beliefs

Let us start with site name that is Feeded.info by using this name we want to show that we are the one who makes mistakes and we don’t feel ashamed of making them.

We at Feeded want to convey the message that mistake is a part of the process and don’t be afraid of making it.

This website is currently in its development stage and it always will be in development. Because we at Feeded believe that “Never stop learning and improving”.

Why We ?

This website is made as a pet project for learning purpose to learn –  How to Write Blogs and rank them with SEO .

This website focuses on Trending topics and Tech related news and blogs.

Need an article.

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Want to know more about us or give any suggestion feel free to contact. Visit the Contact us page.

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